About M-ICAB

About M-ICAB

M-ICAB is a patient-led platform that addresses needs of the Melanoma patient community by involving all stakeholders in Melanoma, including clinical researchers with a scientific background, professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, members of the European Parliament and those patient advocates and cancer patients experienced in living with the disease.  Through a motivated partnership working to create meaningful solutions, M-ICAB is proactively driving efforts to shift the conversation from simply "reducing the burden of cancer care" to “planning for cancer survivorship.”

Recent breakthroughs in Melanoma are changing the therapeutic landscape for patients in advanced stages of disease. M-ICAB works to ensure that patient perspective is a key consideration for any trial design by aligning industry and investigators’ research goals with the best interests of those personally receiving treatment.

Through ongoing dialogue and collaboration, M-ICAB works to develop innovative solutions for the treatment of melanoma. For patients undergoing treatment for melanoma, this means greater access, higher quality care and ultimately, better outcomes.


History of M-ICAB

The Melanoma Independent Cancer Advisory Board (M-ICAB) was founded on 22 March 2011 upon the initiative of Patrcia Garcia- Prieto and Quentin van Daele at the European Cancer Patient Coalition. Launched as pilot project and planned to become part of a series of independent advisory panels, M-ICAB presents a patient-led platform for the constructive interaction of all stakeholders in the melanoma community including scientists, academics, policymakers and the cancer patients who form its core. 

About ECPC

The European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) was established in 2003 to speak with “one voice” for the cancer patient community in Europe.  ECPC represents the interests of all cancer patient groups, those advocating for the rarest to the most prevalent disease types.  With its motto “Nothing about us without us!,” ECPC informs the European healthcare debate with the views of cancer patients, while providing a forum to exchange the latest information and best practices.

Currently, ECPC acts on behalf of over 300 patient organisations in 42 countries, including the 27 member states of the European Union.


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